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Software development
"Interactive World" company has been developing software for all popular platforms - Windows OS, Android, MAC OS and IOS. Today, virtually no large-scale enterprise, which would not use configuration software, tailor-made.

Development of individual software will help you increase the effectiveness of individual business processes of your company. Would you like to keep up with the times and extract the maximum benefit of its employees, freeing them from the typical and useless operations? Impossible tasks does not happen. Programmers of our company sells services program will help you in solving these problems.

Software development includes: testing, user manuals, training of your employees.

A separate direction of the programming is to develop games for personal computers and mobile ustroiystv.

The main programming languages are: C ++, C #, Microsoft .NET, as well as the development platform such as a three-dimensional games UNITY.

After years of work in this area, the company has accumulated a lot of experience of software development ranging from small mobile applications to enterprise systems, process automation, from creating simple single-level games to mnogouvornevyh three games with the characters.