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About company

"Interactive World" LLC was established at the beginning of 2010. Being excited about the idea to fill in the innovation technology usage lack in the Armenian market and present a great set of solutions to the society, we invested all our time, energy and faith in the working process. Being a Team of young and at the same time professional individuals, we turned our work to the endless search of new ideas, inspiration and unique technical and creative solutions. By building the company's philosophy on good working environment, effective team work and self-performance, we created a system always looking ahead and striving for new achievements. In this system each element of it accepts and reflects the company's values and goals. We are sure that the literate and justified approach, even in case when creative solutions are required, is the guarantee of realizing our aspiration to reach the best result and become the leader in the market. We believe in our strengths and we are ready to cooperate with individuals and companies that promote creative approach and move in line with international trends.