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Sep 2020

Today we are happy to announce that soon we will introduce a new game in cooperation with our beloved Spendiaryan House-Museum.

We have started the development of a completely new game, which will help visitors of all age to discover our Maestro and the history of his life in a new way.

Aug 2020

The museum of Orbeli brothers has a NEW GAME

The new game is aimed to educate and motivate. You can enjoy playing it, check your knowledge and learn lots of new stuff.

Jun 2020

Meeting at Lchashen Museum

During our tremendous meeting we have discussed lots of interesting ideas about the new museum to be built in Lchashen. We hope to see the project completed in the nearest feature.

Feb 2016

Prodexpo 2016, Moscow

On 8-12 of February 23-rd international exhibition of food, drink and raw materials for their production the “Prodexpo 2016”, which is awarded the best in the nomination “Food stuff” took place in “ExpoCentre” Moscow, Russia. In the exhibition are demonstrated high-tech equipment for sale companies in food industry, products for packaging. The Ruscon company with help and cooperation with Interactive World demonstrated it’s products made of natural and ecologically clean food stuff and produced using high technologies without using any preservatives: convenient fast food in a vacuum packaging, which doesn’t need any special terms of store and preparation. For the design and preparation of the Ruscon pavilion in a high innovative level the Interactive World company used animation, interactive showcases using inverted projection films, transparent displays, touchscreens.

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Feb 2016

Wedding Show – Projection on the Cake

Wedding is the most exciting and sacramental event in one’s life. That’s the reason why the organizers pay so much attention to this celebration. And that’s neutral to wish to make a worthy and unforgettable present, which will be remembered for the rest of life. The Interactive World will help you to make the ceremony colorful and unique, and for that we offer a panoramic projection on the walls of the ceremony hall as well as a slide show of logically ordered photo images, where the just married couple will be show as the heroes of the evening, the show can be powered by musical background. Taking into consideration the importance of this very special day the Interactive World enlarges the offer of innovative solutions in this sector and offers the trend of the day the 3D animated projection on the ceremonial cake. The animation scenario is customized for every special event and is unique. Thanks to high level of professionalism of our specialists and unique innovative technologies the Interactive World will move all the guests to another reality and will live unforgettable sensations.

Jan 2016

Interactive Projection

At this moment we are developing a new project for Royal Palace Music Hall in France. Technical jobs are being done as well as discussions and preparations with the choreographers for the illustration background of theatrical-animation play on the stage of the Music Hall.

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Nov 2015

A Ceremonial evening dedicated to Armenia took place in London

An evening dedicated to the Found of Development of Armenia took place in one of the most prestigious hotels “The Savoy”, located in the very center of London, where representatives of tourism industry were involved. Armenian sights, such as Armenian ornaments and paintings of most famous Armenian artists and painters Ivan Ayvazovky, Martiros Saryan, Minas Avetisyan were presented during the yearly award of “British Guild of Travel Writers”. The Masters paintings lived on the walls thanks to eight decorative projections on the walls of The Savoy Restaurant the center of London bohemia.

Oct 2015

3D Projection Show Erebuni-Yerevan 2797

On the day of the city, a 3D projection show was organized on one of the buildings in the Northern Avenue and with the official support of the City Hall of Yerevan, the show was dedicated to the celebration of the Erebuni-Yerevan 2797. This traditional holiday became more colorful due to the 3D projection made by Interactive World.It is an art of creating and placeing a 3d projection on a physical object such as the building, based on their geometry and position in the space. In this context our special computer technologies let us create the object's 3d model on which we make the projection, then we modify it based on the scenario of the show, which makes an optical illusion that the object is modifyed itself. Thanks to the 3d animation the holiday became brighter and unique, attrackted the attention of the Yerevan’s residents and lots of admired smiles appeared.

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Apr 2015

Transparent screen in H.Tumanyan museumTransparent Display in the Museum after Hovhanes Tumanyan

Through series of images it tells about Tumanyans mission, who selflessly looked after orphan kids which had immigrated to Ejmiadzin in 1915. The images appear in turn showing kids tiny hands. Flashing hands symbolize two realities: first of all, it symbolizes kids which immigrated, which begged for help and human warmth from the Tumanyan and the Sisters of Mercy, and surely these are the same hands responding to their pleas.

Feb 2015

The “Fortune’s Wheel” mobile application for ZigZag company

Our company has made the special mobile application the “Fortune’s Wheel” for the ZigZag company which is used in their electronics shops to organize special event.

Oct 2014

Expo in the industrial park "Alatau"

In the industrial park "Alatau" exhibition was organized, which was attended by member companies of the Free Economic Zone "Park of Innovative Technologies". The exhibition was attended by Akim of Almaty Akhmetzhan Yesimov Smagulovich and Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aset Orentayevich. Our company presented its latest development - Management System medical institutions «EyeSoftHospital».

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Sep 2014

Мероприятие Activ "info Day"

For corporate events cellular operator Activ, we have developed three interactive games. Games have been designed individually for the brand "Activ", based on the motion sensor Microsoft Kinect, and offer large enjoyed popularity among the participants.

Aug 2014

Rixos Almaty Event

In the Ballroom of the hotel Rixos Almaty, held a major event, where a panoramic projection system. All engineering and technical composes the project was implemented by our specialists.

Apr 2014

360 panoramic projection Rixos Almaty

In the Ballroom of the hotel Rixos Almaty, held a major event, where a panoramic projection system. All hotels Ballroom turned into a 360-degree panoramic screen that allows you to create specific content to change the whole interior of the hall, getting incredible interiors "reviving" the wall.

Jan 2014

SOCHI 2014

Our company took part in creating the pavilion "Kazakhstan House" at the Olympic Park in Sochi. In povilone "Kazakhstan House", which was equipped in the Olympic Park during the Winter Olympics in Sochi "SOCHI2014" company "Interactive World Kazakhstan" were developed innovative solutions such as holographic pyramid-shaped "Baiterek" and the internal projection .

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Jan 2014

Army Day of the Republic of Armenia

3D mapping at the Opera and Ballet Theatre A.Spendiaryana during a concert dedicated to the 22 anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia. Gala concert in honor of the "Army Day" began with a 3D projection show production studio created our company. At a concert attended by the President of the Republic of Armenia S.A.Sargsyan, Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan and other high-ranking officials of the state.

Dec 2013

"Altyn Sapa" 2013

At the national contest "Best Product of Kazakhstan" in 2013 the company "Interactive World Kazakhstan" presented a number of its innovative solutions, such as: Holographic scene, Rear Projection, 3D indoor mapping, Transparent displei.Na event was attended by the head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan S.N.Ahmetov, Minister of Industry and Technological Development A.O.Isekeshev and other senior officials of the State . Our solutions have been used for product presentations nine companies contestants "LTK-2013." With pride we want to emphasize that all nine companies praised the quality and efficiency of our solutions.

Nov 2013

Meeting with Minister of Industry and Technological Development of the RK

At this event, the company "Interactive World Kazakhstan" presented its latest development, which are very interested in the minister. Minister orders were given to the appropriate authorities for cooperation and further use of our technology solutions.

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Sep 2013

Samsung Seminar

In Almaty, in Holiday Inn hotel "Samsung electronics" company held a seminar one "Hotel TV and commercial displays" theme to which the "Interactive World of Kazakhstan´ company was invited. Within the seminar there was also discussed the business strategy of collaboration and development prospects.

Sep 2013

“Projection showcase" in Astana

An amazing fast-food restaurant "Burjui" is opened in Astana. Its uniqueness and attractiveness are distinguished not only for its excellent cuisine, but also for its originality. While working together with the Company "Kazakhstan Interactive World" the "Projection Showcase" project was launched , which immediately attracted not a small number of curious, as well as loyal customers of this restaurant.

Aug 2013

3D animation of own production

A 3D cinema with screen version of one of the tales of the great storyteller Hovhannes Tumanyan was opened In the museum of the poet-storyteller in Yerevan, in "stereoscopic 3D” format. All works on both the cinema and the cartoon creation were performed by the engineers and the animators of our company.Many thanks to the family of R.Yirikyan the CEO of VivaCell MTS mobile operator for their support during the project implementation.

Jul 2013

Holographic animation for "Orange Telecom"

Mobile operator "Orange telecom" has already evaluated all the advantages of the holographic pyramids. Henceforth, all holographic animations will be created in the "Production studio" of our company.

Jul 2013

Cooperation with "Philip Morris Kazakhstan"

Henceforth the company "Interactive World Kazakhstan" is the official supplier of innovative technologies for the company "Philip Morris Kazakhstan" .

Jun 2013

3D Projection in Gyumri 2013

As part of activities dedicated to awarding Gyumri as the cultural capital of the CIS 2013, a 3D projection show was realized on the building of the Municipality of the city.

May 2013

3D holographic pyramid in "Alatau IT city"

Within the cooperation with the scientific and technological park of "Alatau IT city" a 3D holographic pyramid was set in the administrative building of Technopark. There was created a special holographic content.

May 2013

Transparent display for "Parliament carat"

The first transparent LCD display was presented at the presentation of "Parliament Carat" cigarettes

Apr 2013

Innovations in museums

In the Museum "Ararat" of Yerevan Brandy Factory a holographic room is installed, telling the visitors about all subtleties of cognac barrels manufacture.

Jan 2013

3D Christmas Show 2012

Another Christmas projection show took place in Yerevan on Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after A.Spendiarov. The show lasted 15 days.

Jan 2013

Cooperation with Samsung

In April 2013, an agreement on partnership in sphere of LFD professional panels was signed between the "Samsung electronics" and "Interactive World Kazakhstan" companies. Our company is the system integrator of professional solutions offered by Samsung.

Dec 2012

Technopark of Kaznu named after Al-Farabi

In cooperation with Technopark Kazakh National University in Almaty, together with university students was assembled prototype touchscreen display size of 42 inches.

Nov 2012

The International Innovation Convent, Almaty

On 22-23 November the "Interactive World of Kazakhstan" company performed at the third International Innovation Convention in Almaty, presenting some of their own developments. We thank all the organizers and the city administration of Almaty, for their full support.

Nov 2012

Innovations in museums

In the Museum of composer A.Spendiarov an interactive conductor is installed, which runs on Microsoft Kinect. The visitors can try their conducting skills in front of a virtual orchestra.

Nov 2012

Innovations in museums

The Museum of the Armenian State Pedagogical University. Abovyan installed hologram great Armenian teacher and writer Abovyan. Writer instructing future teachers.

Oct 2012

"DigiTec Expo 2012" with Unibank

Along with "Unibank" CJSC Company "Interactive World" will present their latest presentation equipment during the annual exhibition "DigiTec Expo 2012" organized by UITE. Visit Digitec Expo 2012 and wait for surprises!

Sep 2012

Innovation in museums

Aug 2012

Cooperation with "Pernod Ricard"

Jul 2012

First armenian 3D animation film

Jun 2012

Water screen on Swan lake

In frames ot the project launched in cooperation with Yerevan Municipality "Interactive World" installed a Projecion water screen on Swan Lake. Now the residents and the guests of Yerevan will enjoy their summer evenings by watching the most popular musician's concerts.

Apr 2012

First vizit to Kazakhstan

"Interactive World" started the process of deep investigation of Republic of Kazakhstan's IT and Marketing fields. Our goal is to open a branch there and start a productive activity.

Feb 2012

Holographic stage in H.Tumanyan museum

For the first time in the Region due to innovation technology usage holographic object is implemented in museum. On 19 of February (Hovhannes Tumanyan's birthday) Tumanyan museum of Yerevan presented the holographic poet in his room. Tumanyan walks, reads a paper, takes off his hat and welcomes visitors. Realization by «Interactive World» Armenia

Dec 2011

Armnet Awards 2011

Dec 2011

3d Christmas mapping in Yerevan

On 20 of December an incredible Christmas event took place in Yerevan. The event included also 3D component: "Interactive World" LLC implemented Christmas 3D mapping on the Pattern gallery building of Yerevan. That's credible that for the first time in Armenia it became possible to organize such a show by Armenian companies ONLY: both animations and system integration were done by "Interactive World". The show must go on, so till December 31 residents of Yerevan can not only admire the mapping, but also participate in this in help of an interactive system. Everyone can play interactive games on Republic square and see the results on the Pattern gallery building. And that's not all: New Year's Eve will surprise us once again in help of the 3D mapping.

Nov 2011

Integrated Systems Russia

Oct 2011

Digitec Expo 2011

Sep 2011

Touchscreen system at the working room of RA Prime Minister

Sep 2011

Interactive floor on MES event

Sep 2011

Interactive presentation

"Interactive World" created the new generation presentation tool - the Interactive board which is perfect for corporate presentations and workshops. The system includes the "smart board" function, so the Interactive board can also be used in educational centers as a board.

Jun 2011

DigiTec business forum 2011

May 2011

Cooperation with Philip Morris Armenia

Apr 2011

3D Holographic cube

Mar 2011

Viva Cell MTS premium

Mar 2011

Touchscreen display in service centre

Dec 2010

"Radio Van" Radio company's anniversary

Dec 2010

New Year with ATV

Oct 2010

Augmented reality

Sep 2010

Armenia Expo 2010

Aug 2010

3D projection mapping

Jul 2010

The marketing research

Jun 2010

"World of Childhood" Expo 2010

Apr 2010

First interactive systems in Yerevan city

Mar 2010

Beauty Expo 2010

For the first time in Armenia "Interactive World" presented the Interactive floor technology at the "Beauty Expo" 2010 passed in Sport and Concert Complex aft. K. Demirchyan.