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Touch systems
To underline the uniqueness of your company "Interactive World" offers the latest sensor systems. The originality of the system is that it becomes real to turn ANY surface into a touchscreen system with the help of the newest technology. For example, it is possible to turn the store showcase into a sensitive screen. The best branded boutiques in developed countries are already using touchscreen systems appreciating their significant contribution to solving the problem of customer attraction.

It’s possible to solve different problems with the help of sensor systems. Particularly the existence of the touchscreen showcase, working 24/7, can become a great sales drive. Even during non-working hours the showcase can show the range of the store and make sales as follows: The client meets the store's assortment.

The buyer tries on the clothes and accessories he liked, "wearing" them on a model that is displayed on the screen. By using this novelty in the Armenian market you will have the following competitive advantages: The store is open 24/7; the customers can always be informed about the assortment and prices of the store; you dictate modern sales standards and walk together with the technological developments.

Touchscreen showcases and screens with media content can be used in museums and banks, in a word, in any institution where there is a desire to attract the attention of visitors. For example, on the touchscreen monitor in a shopping center you can make installation of an interactive map and facilitate the visitors. With the help of touchscreen monitor it's possible to make different presentations. The spheres of usage of sensory systems are practically unlimited.

There are many different types of sensory screens, which are running on different physical principles, but the main types are:

  • Resistor touch screens,
  • Capacitive touch screens,
  • Projective-capacitive touch screens
  • Surface acoustic wave sensors,
  • Infrared touch screens
  • Optical touch screens.

Sensory surface of the device transmits the exact coordinates of the contact. An important characteristic of sensory systems is their ability to recognize simultaneous touches. According to this criteria the systems are divided into two types - single touch (the system recognizes only one touch) and multi touch(the system recognizes two or more simultaneous touches).Each of these technologies has its own advantages and disadvantages. To select the type of sensor system, you need to learn a particular task, and only then decide which technology to use.

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