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Virtual Promoter
Virtual Promoter is an excellent innovative and alternative option to provide information to your target group. Virtual Promoter is a construction made of a special glass with maximum thickness of 1 cm. An image of a man is being projected on the construction. The intensive artificial lamination makes the image naturally bright and clear. The usage of accessory equipment allows addition of voice to the image. The Virtual Promoter is available in different models and can be made according to your requirements. For example, such system may look like not only as a person but as a talking logotype or other animated object. In effect the Virtual Promoter is a video screen of arbitrary shape exactly repeating the contours of a person.

Virtual Promoter is a new solution in the market of advertising that can provide high-quality and fast option to promote products and services. Thanks to the Virtual Promoter it is possible to not only effectively replace the ordinary promoter or administrator of the hall, but also significantly reduce the cost and increase the effectiveness of advertising or other campaign. The Virtual Promoter is able to independently tell the customers about your products and services, can be used at exhibitions and presentations, shopping and business centers etc. It excludes the notorious "human factor" – diseases, delays etc.

That's the unusualness of its development that allows it to cause strong emotions among the audience and leaves in their mind a vivid image of what the promoter said.

The manufacturing technology of the virtual promoter allows to make it interactive according to the customer request.

The Virtual Promoter is a functionally projected computer-controlled image on the surface of the human silhouette made ​​of organic glass. In the base of the virtual mannequin is a rear projection film, which allows you to send a bright and sharp image with wide viewing angle that provides large area of coverage and, therefore, attracts a lot of spectators. A special software allows to make projection with accuracy.The construction is also equipped with speakers to transmit audio series.

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