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Transparent Display
Transparent screens are LCD monitors without backlight. They invert the white color to transparent areas on the screen and allow you to interact with real objects as part of a virtual content. The images may take the entire area of ​​the screen as well as only part of it, which adds additional visual effects. A person standing in front of the screen can see both the information displayed on and what happens behind the panel. These screens are capable of transmitting a wide range of colors, have the same update frequency parameters as traditional LCDs and can be sensory.

Transparent screens can be used in many places, such as billboards, interactive information desks, store windows, on industrial refrigerators doors and so on. и так деaлее. The showcases and small advertising boards, made taking into account this technology, cannot be uninteresting and not attract the attention of visitors or passers-by.

 The scope of the transparent screens is not limited to showcases. They can be a great tool for expanding the reality by additional visual effects and information.

The transparent screens at first glance look like a glass. But in fact, these are LCD screens without backlight, which are labeled a special film forming the active part of the monitor. When not in use, the film is completely transparent as well as the glass to which it is attached. The construction also includes a computer with special software that supports the system. 

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