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3D mapping projection
3D architectural projection (Mapping) - is a technology that allows you to project video images on different irregular surfaces. With the help of mapping it is possible to organize shows both indoors and in the streets, which attract anyone's attention and, of course, leave a bright impression. As a rule, 3D mapping is used to broadcast projection shows on buildings. For that purpose, an individual 3D movie is being created for each building’s facade, which outplays with architectural details.

It's not a secret that nowadays the second by the efficiency advertisement channel after the television - is outdoor advertisement. Solutions obtained with the help of 3D Projection can become the quintessence of outdoor advertisement. Since the 3D projection allows to rethink the architectural elements of the building and give an impetus to immovable structures, it can also be an interesting addition to organized outdoor activities, providing the necessary "show" component and giving to the holiday an unforgettable charm. It is simply impossible to remain indifferent to such scene. Imagine that in front of your eyes the water rises on the windows of the opposite building, then the ball of light wanders from one window to another and finally the entire building is falling apart and is being built in few seconds. The capabilities of 3D Projection are limited only by the imagination. Interior 3D Projections can achieve a new emotional space indoors, for example during the large-scale events in clubs and halls.

With the help of special devices an exact copy of projection is being created. A 3D content is being created with special effects, taking into account the architecture of the object. With the help of special hardware and software complex is taking place the combination of  video projection with the real object of projection. The number of projectors depends on the scale of the object of projection.

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