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Interactive Floor
Interactive floor – it is a floor graphics, which responds instantly to any kind of movement. Getting in the interactive projections zone, the man animates video images by his own movements. The thematic design of the floor can be completely different: it may be a virtual football, flower path, underwater world. The system runs automatically and does not require any technical assistance during the operation.

Interactive floor is usable everywhere where there is a need to attract customers: in shopping centers, cinemas, shops, hotels, clubs, etc. It may also be used during various performances and events. An interactive floor is an excellent way to promote products and services in game form. Such advertising will attract the attention of visitors, causing positive emotions. The possibility of simultaneous contact with multiple customers enlarges the audience and increases the effectiveness of the advertising message. The Interactive wall has identical operating principle. In this case, interactive graphics is obtained on the wall with any area. Interactive wall is widely used abroad, in the design of showcases of brand stores, in creation of comfortable environment in the waiting rooms, for the modern ambiance of exhibitions and corporate events.

The point of this system is to track the installed infrared camera with the same infra-red lighting of various movements of shadows on the surface and transfer of the data to computer. The projector creates an image on the floor and changes it in accordance with a predetermined computer program. The system includes: a projector, а motion detector, a computer, software.    

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