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Interactive Cafe
Interactive cafe is a new movement to the future that will give you and your visitors indescribable sensations and new features to be in the virtual world within these walls. Your visitors will be able to manage all that surrounds them. For example, by ordering on interactive panel of the table with a single movement, they will be able to view the menu and the ingredients included in every dish, connect to the online kitchen and watch how the chef prepares their orders. Wasting no time to wait for the order, they will be able to occupy themselves with a fascinating interactive game. And got up from their seats they instantly fall into the interactive zone underfoot, which can transform, for example, into an ocean with fishes.

While sitting at the bar in interactive cafe the time will fly by. Placing a glass on the countertop of the interactive bar you can see the visual world of special effects below, which can take the visitor into a fantasy world. Every touch can cause different effects.  For example, to get a pattern by making circles on water or linking the lines.

The tables in interactive cafe can be separated by interactive partitions which are semi-transparent surfaces easily convertible to screens of personal use. The visitors will be able to draw, play and view photos, favorite videos and movies with a touch.

Why it

 Interactive technologies are the future of the restaurant business. A usual cafe is associated as monotony of interior among the visitors, and in the Interactive cafe all this goes beyond the imaginary, and they find themselves in a virtual world. Such scene cannot be but a subject of discussions. It is definitely an increase of your income due to the growth of the visitors because of a new format place. You do not even have to spend money on advertising. Rumors about your original establishment will fly apart in few days. And that is more effective than any TV or outdoor advertisement.

How it works

 Depending on your desire, a variety of innovative solutions (sensory systems, interactive floor, interactive wall, holographic cube, 3D projection, etc.) can be installed in Interactive café.  Creation of an interactive cafe is a quite complicated technological process, so it is advisable to work here with the developers of these products. Our company has years of experience in installations of various kinds of innovative solutions and software development for interactive projects of various complexities. Having achieved significant results in the field of interactive advertising, we will not have difficulties in transferring of innovative technologies developed by us in everyday life.

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