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Information terminal
The Touch screen information kiosk is a system which allows Interactively transmitting any format information to the target group in high traffic places.It is first of all a source of information: the monitor displays information about the goods or services of the company, the flight schedule, the location of the pavilions at the mall or at the exhibition. Touch screen terminal is a separate device that is placed in a steel casing with a screen powered by ordinary network; it doesn’t occupy much space, angled to the client, and is equipped with special software. The software is installed directly on the information kiosk or to a central network server. It can be integrated with any-office software and can work with any data source.

The kiosk functions are realized by using the touch screen.

For example, The Touch screen information kiosks can be installed in stores, trading and service centers, offices, factories. The main reason of Touch screen information kiosk usage is the necessity to transmit the same information to the large number of people. 
The Touch screen information kiosk has the following advantages:

  • It works 24/7
  • It increases the quality and the speed of service
  • It transmits any size and format information to the large number of people.
  • It transmits targeted information according to each client request.
  • It takes up little space
  • It creates the walking together with technological fashion Company image.
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