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3D holographic cube
Depending on your needs, holographic cube can have different sizes and personalized content. The technology allows the combination of graphics with real objects. Such way of presenting the information becomes very memorable and surprising even to the most demanding viewer.

 With Holographic Cube it becomes possible to show three-dimensional videos and demonstration of characteristics of different products and devices such as mobile phones, cameras, packs of cigarettes, cigars, toys and much more. Such method of presentation is an unforgettable experience in mind of even the most sophisticated audience. Take advantage of this new technology to position your brand as creative and modern.

Holographic cube is a construction in a form of a cube with two glass screen walls, equipped with a computer, which in its turn is equipped with special software for image management. During the playback of the image appears a hologram floating in the air.  It is possible to watch the image simultaneously from different sides. The installation of these systems is provided indoors. The construction can be made in different sizes, as well as it can be installed on any interior object.

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